Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here | Onboarding & Expectations

  • 2

    Mindset & Philosophy

    • Cracking Your Buying Code

    • Big-Picture Goal-Setting Framework

    • Money Mindset Meditation

    • Wealth Creation Hypnosis

    • 7 Principles Audio

  • 3

    Sales Principles

    • Sell The Destination - NOT The Vehicle

    • Doctor Frame | Make Your Competition Irrelevant

    • If I Say It - You Doubt It

    • Give A Dog A Bone

    • The Spaces Between The Notes Make The Music

    • The KEY Distinction

    • Cut The Over-Enthusiasm

    • Benefit Stacking

    • Sales Principles Quiz

  • 4

    Sales Call Process

    • Sales Call Framework

    • Pre-Frame

    • Intel Gathering | The 7 Questions

    • Getting To The Root

    • "Transfer Of Trust" / Transition

    • Presentation

    • Asking For The Sale

    • Objection Handling "Matrix"

    • Taking Notes On Sales Calls

    • Sales Process Quiz

    • Top-Level Overview Of Entire Sales Call Process

  • 5


    • 2 Stages Of A Sales Interaction

  • 6

    Advanced Processes

    • Open Loops

    • Pre-Call Application Framework

    • Instilling Belief | Eliminate The Root Of Objections That Don't Make Sense

    • Two Truths (When They Won't Voice A Pain Point)

    • "Talk To Somebody Else" Objection

    • Re-Enrollment Call Process

    • Masterclass "Cash Influx Event" Strategy

    • How To Sell Your Program On An "Implementation Call"

  • 7

    Data Driven Decisions

    • Sales Tracking & Data Analysis

    • Setter Tracking Dashboard

    • Simple Pipeline (CRM) Setup & Use

  • 8

    Messenger Mastery

    • Messenger Checkbox Framework

    • Doors To Communication

    • The Perfect Conversation | Messenger Process Walkthrough

    • Masterclass/Workshop DM Sales Script

  • 9

    Messenger Process In Action

    • 7.5k Sale Closed In Messenger (No Call)

    • Hesitant To Call Booked (Later Closed)

    • Course Customer Upgrade To High-Ticket Coaching

    • 6.8k Sale Closed In Messenger | Follow-up | Logistics & Financial Objection

  • 10

    Follow-Up Methods

    • Feedback Angle (Event Attendees)

    • Re-Offer Follow-Up

  • 11

    REAL Sales Call Recordings

    • $6,800 Payment Plan | Objection-Free Smooth Call

    • $7,500 Payment Plan | "Self Doubt" Overcome

    • $997 PIF | STRONG "Think About It" Objection Overcome

    • $5,400 PIF | Smooth Objection-Free Call

    • $1,000 Payment Plan | "Think About It" Objection Overcome

    • $6,000 Payment Plan | Follow Up Call After "Think About It" Objection

    • $7,500 PIF | "Uncertainty" Objection Overcome

    • $5,500 Payment Plan | "Finance" & "Delay" Objections Overcome

  • 12

    Sales Call Breakdowns

    • Sales Call Breakdown | Business Coaching | Payment Plan

    • Sales Call Breakdown | Business Coaching | PIF

    • Sales Call Breakdown | Business Coaching | Deal LOST

  • 13

    LIVE Coaching Call Recordings

    • LIVE Sales Training 8/31/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/7/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/14/21

    • BONUS Training With Conversion Content Wizard Jackie Yvette

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/21/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/28/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 10/5/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 10/12/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 10/26/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/2/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/9/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/23/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/30/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 12/7/21

Word On The Street

5 star rating

Pure Fire!

Shelly Erickson

Absolutely amazing! You learn everything you need to know to dramatically increase your closing rate without sounding 'salesy'. Super natural approach that r...

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Absolutely amazing! You learn everything you need to know to dramatically increase your closing rate without sounding 'salesy'. Super natural approach that really works!

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Your Commitment To The Process


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    NONE - zero promises or guarantees. The value you'll glean from this course is 100% dependent on you actually implementing what's taught - I can't make you learn or apply anything, so I guarantee nothing other than the fact that if you buy this, you'll get access to everything within 24hrs.

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    No refunds. If that concerns you, don't buy this.

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    No. Buy it or don't - your choice. I will not spend any of my time convincing you to join.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You keep access to Influence Mastery for life, along with any and all additional trainings that are filmed and added to the course platform in the future.

  • How much does Influence Mastery cost?

    $1,420.69 because we like to have a little laugh at money's expense (and you will too when you realize how easy this system is to implement to stack your wallet. That said, if you don't purchase this, but your competition does, it will cost you a hell of a lot more.

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    Then you probably should not buy this course.

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