Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here | Onboarding & Expectations

  • 2

    Mindset & Philosophy

    • Cracking Your Buying Code

    • Big-Picture Goal-Setting Framework

    • Money Mindset Meditation

    • Wealth Creation Hypnosis

    • 7 Principles Audio

  • 3

    Sales Principles

    • Sell The Destination - NOT The Vehicle

    • Doctor Frame | Make Your Competition Irrelevant

    • If I Say It - You Doubt It

    • Give A Dog A Bone

    • The Spaces Between The Notes Make The Music

    • The KEY Distinction

    • Cut The Over-Enthusiasm

    • Benefit Stacking

    • Sales Principles Quiz

  • 4

    Sales Call Process

    • Sales Call Framework

    • Pre-Frame

    • Intel Gathering | The 7 Questions

    • Getting To The Root

    • "Transfer Of Trust" / Transition

    • Presentation

    • Objection Handling "Matrix"

    • Taking Notes On Sales Calls

    • Sales Process Quiz

  • 5


    • 2 Stages Of A Sales Interaction

  • 6

    Advanced Processes

    • Open Loops

    • Pre-Call Application Framework

    • Instilling Belief | Eliminate The Root Of Objections That Don't Make Sense

    • Two Truths (When They Won't Voice A Pain Point)

    • "Talk To Somebody Else" Objection

    • Re-Enrollment Call Process

    • Masterclass "Cash Influx Event" Strategy

    • How To Sell Your Program On An "Implementation Call"

  • 7

    Data Driven Decisions

    • Sales Tracking & Data Analysis

  • 8

    Messenger Mastery

    • Messenger Checkbox Framework

    • Doors To Communication

    • The Perfect Conversation | Messenger Process Walkthrough

    • Masterclass/Workshop DM Sales Script

  • 9

    Messenger Process In Action

    • 7.5k Sale Closed In Messenger (No Call)

    • Hesitant To Call Booked (Later Closed)

    • Course Customer Upgrade To High-Ticket Coaching

    • 6.8k Sale Closed In Messenger | Follow-up | Logistics & Financial Objection

  • 10

    Follow-Up Methods

    • Feedback Angle (Event Attendees)

    • Re-Offer Follow-Up

  • 11

    REAL Sales Call Recordings

    • $6,800 Payment Plan | Objection-Free Smooth Call

    • $7,500 Payment Plan | "Self Doubt" Overcome

    • $997 PIF | STRONG "Think About It" Objection Overcome

    • $5,400 PIF | Smooth Objection-Free Call

    • $1,000 Payment Plan | "Think About It" Objection Overcome

    • $6,000 Payment Plan | Follow Up Call After "Think About It" Objection

    • $7,500 PIF | "Uncertainty" Objection Overcome

    • $5,500 Payment Plan | "Finance" & "Delay" Objections Overcome

  • 12

    Sales Call Breakdowns

    • Sales Call Breakdown | Business Coaching | Payment Plan

    • Sales Call Breakdown | Business Coaching | PIF

    • Sales Call Breakdown | Business Coaching | Deal LOST

  • 13

    LIVE Coaching Call Recordings

    • LIVE Sales Training 8/31/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/7/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/14/21

    • BONUS Training With Conversion Content Wizard Jackie Yvette

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/21/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 9/28/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 10/5/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 10/12/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 10/26/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/2/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/9/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/23/21

    • LIVE Sales Training 11/30/21


Grant is ONLY doing 12 weeks of LIVE calls and Slack community starting on Tuesday 8/31 - so if you wait to enroll, it will not only be more expensive ($2k), but there will be less live coaching available as the weeks tick away...

  • LIVE Calls

    LIVE 2hr weekly coaching session with call breakdowns, messenger audits and deep-dive influence coaching

  • Private Community

    Private 24/7 Slack community for collaboration, quick support with closing deals, and motivation to perform (Grant is active Mon-Fri from 10-5)

Your Commitment To The Process


  • What type of guarantees does this course come with?

    NONE - zero promises or guarantees. The value you'll glean from this course is 100% dependent on you actually implementing what's taught - I can't make you learn or apply anything, so I guarantee nothing other than the fact that if you buy this, you'll get access to everything within 48hrs.

  • What's the refund policy?

    No refunds. If that concerns you, don't buy this.

  • Can we hop on a call to discuss this?

    No. Buy it or don't - your choice. I will not spend any of my time convincing you to join.

  • What type of live support will I get if I join?

    ​I run a 2hr deep-dive live coaching call every Tuesday at 10am PST. These will only be run between 8/31/21 - 11/23/21. The longer you wait, the less live support will be available. I also run a private Slack community for the members, and am active Mon-Fri to support members with closing sales quickly and efficiently. This follows the same schedule as live calls, and will conclude on 11/23/21.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    ​The course itself is lifetime access. The live support is 12 weeks from 8/31/21, so if you purchase the course at $969 prior to the end of the live support, you will have until then to utilize it.

  • How much does Influence Mastery cost?

    ​$969 if you purchase it prior to 11/23/21. If purchased afterwards, it will be $1997 and there will be no live support. If you don't purchase this, but your competition does, it will cost you a hell of a lot more.

  • What if I have more questions before I purchase the course that aren't answered here?

    Then you probably should not buy this course.